ILANIT/FISEB is the federation of the Israeli societies of experimental biology since 1994.

Its purpose is to encourage cooperation between the membered societies and to create a synergy in science.

Its culmination takes place at a conference that is being held every three years, which brings together researchers and students from many disciplines to a joint meetings and advanced scientific discussions.

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10th ILANIT/FISEB Conference 2023

The ILANIT 2023 exceeded all expectations! We brought together 39 Societies of Experimental Biology and showcased outstanding research in Israel. With a total of 3,500 participants, 1,700 abstracts, and 132 captivating scientific sessions, our program was truly impressive. We celebrated the accomplishments of students, industry leaders, and top-notch international scientists, and were thrilled by inspiring poster presentations, workshops, and a special editors' session on scientific publications. Additionally, a fantastic exhibition was held simultaneously by leading companies in the field. Check out the ILANIT 2023 photo album and hope to see you at ILANIT 2026!
ILANIT 2023 Photo album

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