BioMed – An Applicative Dimension to Advanced Science

The aim of the BioMed session is to expose scientists and students to the world of applicative science: to the young ambitious companies, initiated by brilliant scientists and managed by experienced executives, who were educated in the academic system and chose to take the next step of their careers into the Industry. Through their experience we’ll get an insight to the challenges as well as to the achievements.

In the first session Entrepreneurs, scientists and managers will share their unique experience in starting a company and leading it from an idea to a product in the market.

In the 2nd session we’ll get an insight to the essential step of raising funding to a new initiative: what are the sources and who are the future partners of the entrepreneur/scientist.

The last and closing event of the Biomed day, led by 8400 – The Health Network, and Israel Innovation Authority, will be a workshop for PIs and students, who wonder how to translate their ideas into a commercial opportunity. This session requires pre-registration.