Education session: Scientists’ involvement

The aim of this session is to present inspiring and fruitful examples of collaborative initiatives between scientists and the Ministry of Education in general, and high school biology educators in particular. Concrete cases of scientists involvements  in making a significant contribution to high school biology education will be presented. These cases include developing a new syllabus for the high school biology majors, supporting high school students to perform evolution and molecular biology experiments in schools, practicing ecological inquiry in the field, bringing genetics to life in the classroom, and finally contributing to a special ALPHA program for the gifted and talented high school students.  In addition, 12 posters will be presented by high school students participating in the ALPHA program, who will attend the meeting.



Session title: Pitching in: Scientists’ Involvement in High-School Biology

Chairs: Anat Yarden (WIS); Irit Sadeh (Ministry of Education)


Yossi Yovel (TAU) – Should we Teach Children about the Origin of Man? The Evolution of the High-School Biology Program in Israel (20’) 

Yaron Ziv (BGU) – Teaching High-school Students Philosophy of Science and Conservation Biology Using an Ecological Workshop in The Classroom and in The Field (15’) 

Shoshy Herman and  Pirchia Waxman (BIU) – Teachers and scientists collaboration-Molecular biology from science to learning in class  (20’)  

Eran Tauber (Haifa) – LiveGene: Bringing Genetics Education to Life in the Classroom (15’) 

Tomer Cohen (ALPHA Program Director) – The ALPHA Research Program for Gifted and Talented High School Students (15’) 

Orna Dahan and Bat-Shahar Dorfman (WIS) – Harnessing Remote Robotic Automation for the Study of Evolution in High Schools (20’)