Sessions on Translational Medicine

Ilanit is a unique opportunity to be exposed to the whole gamut of Israeli Science from very basic research to translational research. While translational aspects of research are discussed in many Ilanit sessions, in some sessions the translational theme is particularly highlighted. To mention but a few:

  • The session on Big Data in Health and Disease will illuminate how the tools of computational biology can be applied to the study of patient characteristics with translational implications.
  • The session on cancer genomics and data mining includes advanced approaches for diagnosis based on cell free DNA methylation analysis and identification of novel biomarkers for immunotherapy.
  • The session on cancer immunotherapy using engineered T cell receptors and chimeric antibody receptors presents state of the art studies on novel cellular immunotherapeutic approaches.
  • The session on cancer therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors addresses opportunities and challenges in the application of exciting novel therapeutic modalities for augmenting anti-cancer responses.
  • The session on Precision Cancer Medicine will discuss novel approaches for tailored therapies based on the unique characteristics of the tumor cell and its environment.
  • The session on the therapeutic potential of plant derived compound will present novel potential drugs – cannabis derivatives and more.
  • Finally the session on Tissue Engineering will introduce research leading to bioengineering based therapies from 3D printing for complex reconstructions to antisense oligonucleotide based therapy of Muscular Dystrophy.